COVID-19 Reopening

SURFMAYO are delighted to announce that we will be reopening for our 22nd summer season on Monday 8th June for anyone who lives within County Mayo.

We have put in place new ‘COVID-19’ guidelines for the safe operation of activities developed by all surf schools in Ireland and approved by the ISA (Irish surfing Association), the government and Sport Ireland.

We are very lucky to operate outdoors at Carrowniskey Strand where there is a vast amount of open space. We ask you to please consider the following common sense protocols before planning either a solo surf or with SURFMAYO:

  • Respect the government travel restrictions
  • Customers have a duty of care to not arrive for the scheduled surf lessons and inform the surf school if they have a temperature, new cough, symptoms of COVID-19 or contact with a confirmed case on the day or days leading up to the activity date. They must contact their GP.
  • Respect other beach users at access points by giving them 2 metres space at all times.
  • Please get changed at either own vehicles / beach at a safe distance away from SURFMAYO site location.
  • Please don’t hang around the car park, have a fun surf and move on.
  • Don’t go into surf beyond your ability, if you are unsure we will be happy to give advice or consult the lifeguards.
  • All rentals & surf lessons must be pre booked via phone / email to ensure we can maintain new Covid 19 protocols.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes before the surf lesson / rental time slot for sign up, kitting out of gear, etc. to assist us with achieving C-19 protocols. Be prepared to wait in line whilst maintaining 2 metres distance from other customers.
  • Please only arrive at the SURFMAYO site if you are booked in for a lesson or rental.
  • If you have young children, please emphasise the importance of social distancing during surf lessons and be prepared to assist them in the water if required. Where social distancing rules are not adhered to SURFMAYO have the right to cancel the surf lesson without refund.

SURFMAYO Responsibilities:

  • HSE Hygiene Posters will be put on display throughout SURFMAYO site for customers benefit.
  • All our equipment will be regularly disinfected as per ISA guidelines. 2 metres social distancing will be maintained by SURFMAYO staff and customers at all times.
  • Surf lessons will be operated on a maximum of 8 students to 1 surf instructor as per ISA surf school standards.
  • SURFMAYO staff will either disinfect hands/ wear disposable gloves / wear heavy duty gloves that will be dipped in disinfectant bucket between every equipment transaction with customers.
  • Make sure surf lessons are set up in a safe area of the beach where there is enough space to comply with 2 metre social distancing. Be aware of other beach users.
  • Surf Instructors will lead all students back in a clear and safe path to the SURFMAYO site while ensuring social distancing amongst the groups from members of the public.
  • Additional PPE, Gloves, facemasks and BVM with viral filters will be added to SURFMAYO First Aid Kit as per Irish Surfing Association Guidelines.


We will reopen at 11am on Monday 8th June running surf lessons and rentals 7 days a week. Our kid’s summer surf camp will resume on Monday 29th June. Due to new Covid-19 protocols, group numbers will be restricted this summer. Early booking is advised as we will have limited places.

Get in touch for more info & bookings. SURFMAYO will be making sure new Covid procedures are in place and measures will be taken to ensure you are in safe hands.